Personal Loan and Installment Loans Check without Bureaucracy


Loan personal diamond can be made up with carnet, plus an advantage of financial diamond . This type of personal credit is for those who do not have a checkbook. But is it even possible to make a personal loan and pay with carnet ? Yes, and there is more, with the Loan with the license of Losango there is no restriction for the applicant, any person independent of being a civil servant, retired of the INSS, salaried employees can do, it is exclusive mainly for people who do not have checkbooks.

With the personal loan in the Losango card the applicant does not have the need to inform the reason of the taking of the credit. The minimum amount for loan is $ 300 and the term of release of money in the account ranges from 1 to 3 days. In order to make the loan contract in the cash register by Losango it is necessary that the customer is already registered in the system, how? It is necessary that the interested customer has already made a financial transaction in some store of the network agreed.

If the client does not want the operation with a carnet up to 18 times, there is still the option of the personal loan with pre-dated check with installments up to 24 times the same. Check the documents required to obtain the loan on the meat: CPF, Identity, Proof of Residence. See also the advantages of immediate personal credit, with terms of up to 12 months to pay – speed, agility and security in granting the loan.


Personal loan Loan without Bureaucracy


Personal loan Loan without Bureaucracy


For you who is Professional Liberal the Loan Confidence Loan is ideal, as it the borrower of the credit does not need to have to prove income, has instant credit to carry out everything he wants, the amount released from the loan can reach up to $ 1,500.00.
The advantages of the Losango trust are many, up to 45 days to pay the 1st installment, it is possible to choose the due date of the installment, up to R $ 1,500.00 with credit experience, that is, present a fully paid credit card or credit card bill in day, up to 12 times the same for installment with check or up to 10 times equal in the loan with carnet.

Advantages of personal loan 


Up to 40 days to pay the 1st installment;
You choose the due date;
Installment in up to 24 times the same in the check or up to 18 times the same in the carnet;
Monthly draw of up to R $ 20,000.00 through adhesion to Premium Insurance;
Pre-approval of the credit through the Central of Relationship Losango.

Direct Consumer Credit (CDC)


Direct Consumer Credit (CDC)


In addition to the loan in the card offered by Losango, another financial product widely used is Direct Consumer Credit (CDC) , this type of credit makes the financing of the purchase of a good or service for an individual, the operation is usually intermediated by tenants accredited to the Losango.

The diamond is present in every country with thousands, you can be sure that there is a good near your address. Financeira offers the best options and conditions of loan of the market, in addition the customer Losango is protected and still gains prizes when it asks for a credit in the Losango.



Insurance Losango


With Seguros Losango, they guarantee the protection of the borrower (borrowing or financing contractor) in case of contingencies, in addition, it competes and it can be R $ 20 thousand in monthly draws. Losango provides insurance for both credit cards and loans granted, plus a guarantee of security for the client and his family.

More Products: Credit Card 


We are on your side for you to realize your dreams. The Losango Visa Credit Card is accepted in a network with more than 2 million establishments throughout Brazil. With it you have more facilities and have the opportunity to conquer a better life.

Whether to make purchases or cash withdrawals, Losango has credit cards for each type of profile, with up to 40 days for payment and many advantages for customers. Know some of them:

Visa Diamond Card


  • Have up to 40 days to pay, and pay no interest;
  • Share purchases and make withdrawals;
  • With an income of 1 minimum wage you can already acquire your card;
  • Receive invoices at the location you choose;
  • Choose the due date of your invoice, 13 options are available;
  • Order up to 4 additional cards for free;
  • Make withdrawals in cash4 at Banco24Horas and Rede Plus ATMs;
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions on our Offers Club.
  • In addition to these benefits, it is possible to join the optional Loss and Theft insurance with personal accident assistance.

How To Pay Your Personal Loan


In the Correspondent Banking Shopkeeper, take your payment card or payment slip up to 120 days late – at Filial da Losango, attend the branch with your identity or at any Banking branch, attend any bank branch until the due date of your invoice. Meet all the products and services of Losango, check one hour through the Relationship Center: