3 Main Pillars Towards Debt Free Life } Payaday Loans



There are so many causes of someone in debt, for example due to accidents, job losses, natural disasters, diseases, and various other reasons. Such problems often make you feel crushed, so you cannot think clearly to free yourself from debt bondage. Here are some of the pillars to be free of debt that you can do:


1. Increase Revenue

1. Increase Revenue


We often find many people caught up in financial problems because they lose their main source of income. Even though you have tried to change your lifestyle to be simpler, often losing your fixed income leads you to the problem pit. Therefore, the most important thing you have to do is look for new sources of income.

Although it’s not as easy as turning your palm, there are actually many steps you can take. Ways you can do for example with   negotiate the salary that you get now in order to get a raise . If you want to find a new job, then you need an interesting LinkedIn profile to attract the attention of the company . Not just distributing CVs, you also need to provide soft skills and hard skills and connections, and a number of other things. Therefore we also provide articles on how to   Get a better job   to equip yourself.

The way to increase income is not only limited to being an employee in the company. You can also start a career as an entrepreneur. We also provide articles on tips on how to build a startup that you can immediately implement. It’s not just a way to build, for those of you who already have a business, we also have articles to develop the business that you are currently running to be more advanced.

Utilizing the momentum of Ramadan by opening small businesses such as selling bad food for example, you can also do to increase income. If you want to supplement your income without having to give up your job as an employee, you can also start a side business as an MLM business or freelance worker . If you want to increase your income without having to give up your job as an employee, you can also start a side business as an MLM business. Listen and understand how MLM works , and how to choose the right one for you. Not only with the MLM business, you can also use the referral program as another option to increase monthly income.

Not only that, you also need to know how to manage the income stream to cash in during an emergency. There are several ways you need to do to increase income when in an emergency. Check out how to manage emergency money here.

2. Cut Expenditures

2. Cut Expenditures

Not only does it add revenue, the increased coffers of money won’t be useful if you don’t cut expenses. It is undeniable that increasing income can have a big impact on your finances. However, it takes several weeks or even months to really feel the impact of the steps you have taken, besides that the success of these steps is also influenced by many external factors.


In order to reduce spending , there are several best ways to reduce spending . This means you also have to cut down some types of expenses that must be reduced, especially expenditures that are tertiary or not primary needs. One step that can be done is to look for items at cheap prices with the same items. Easy trouble, right? Not all cheap items have good quality, so see our tips for finding cheaper prices for the items you want.

One way you can cut expenses is to delay payment. Did you know there are several types of bills that you can postpone payments. Deferring does not mean being separated from responsibility, meaning you also still have to pay according to the agreement.

Although many expenditure items have to be pruned, there are also several types of expenditures that should not be pruned because they can be needed in an emergency situation. Check out one of our articles to find out.

Apart from the steps that we mentioned above, we also do not forget to provide articles on how to evaluate expenses . What is the use of cutting expenses if you don’t know how much you can save every month, right? Reducing expenses is very difficult, but this is one of the main supporters to restore your financial condition to be good again.

3. Negotiating the Debt You Have

3. Negotiating the Debt You Have

Did you know that the terms of debt payments can be renegotiated with the bank? If not, don’t feel embarrassed – many people still don’t know that, even some people who already know it don’t know how to start the process … Fortunately, Algernon is here and can help you overcome your credit card debt and KTA.

We can help designate pieces for the total debt that you borrow from the bank, and manage it into installments for a longer period of time, and with lower interest rates, so that the installments you have can be more affordable. In the end, renegotiation can have an impact on increasing the amount of income and reducing your expenses, so you can be freed faster from debt. In this pillar, we will discuss what can be renegotiated, how to shift from expensive credit card debt to cheaper, and how to get a reliable debt advisor to help you deal with the negotiation process with the bank.

Make sure all households can work together in building the three pillars above to solve your debt problems. Algernon is ready to help you rebuild your financial condition. We hope this article can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help in negotiating your debt.